Tiny GPS on MultiWii

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If you have a serial GPS and a MultiWii platform based on the Atmega328 it could be a little tricky to implement it. I’ve found an “add-on” for the MultiWii software, it’s called tiny-gps and you can find the original post here. The idea is to have an additional IC, an Attiny 2313 or 4313… Read more »

HOWTO Inflight Accelerometers calibration in MultiWii 2.0

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MultiWii 2.0 has an interesting option. You can calibrate your copter while it’sflying and then set to neutral (0) the trims from your radio. First uncomment #define InflightAccCalibration to activate the option in config.h of MultiWii. Method A: The Failsafe method (if you have an aux channel assigned to arm your copter).    With your… Read more »

MultiWii 2.0 Drotek 9DOF IMU

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The IMU that I am using at the moment is the 9DOF from www.drotek.fr . It’s compact and it has onboard gyroscope, acceletometer and magnetometer. Unfortunatly there is not a native configuration for this board into the multiwii software, so here is the correct define: #define ACC_ORIENTATION(X, Y, Z) {accADC[ROLL] = -X; accADC[PITCH] = -Y; accADC[YAW] = Z;}… Read more »